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Real People on How Zone Pilates Worked For Them!
Zone Pilates testimonial Kim Stoneman
Fitness Instructor
"I've been a fitness instructor for 15 years and this takes Pilates to the next level."
"You're gonna feel it right away and you're going to know it's working. You've got to try it!"
Zone Pilates testimonial Victoria Odriscall
"My rear was getting firmer and tighter."
"Within a minute of using Zone Pilates, I can feel my muscles working. I use the Zone Pilates to target my rear and as soon as I started using it, I felt results right away. My rear was getting firmer, tighter. It targets the right spot every time."
Zone Pilates testimonial Debbie Wyrick
Flight Attendent
"...feel it working immediately."
"It's got a lot of resistance. You can do half the reps. You really start to feel it immediately so you can do less reps, so you can condense your workout time. It's great!"
Zone Pilates testimonial Krista Murray
Tennis Player
"...get the results that you're looking for."
"It's great because you can concentrate on one zone and work on those muscles and get the results that you're looking for. It works. It does."
Zone Pilates testimonial Midori May
"Everybody can use it. It's so easy."
"This product is for all ages. It's so easy, even for people who have never excerised before."
Zone Pilates testimonial Lori Heskett
"I've never used anything that I get such fast, great results from."
"You get twice the workout in half the time — and it's unbelievable the results that you get. It's the most user friendly, easy to work with, fastest results that you can ask for."

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